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If anyone has back or neck issues this is the man to go to! I've been doing drywall for 20 years now and I wish I found...

Posted by Shannon Rock on  Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Diamonds in the rough can be hard to find....Dr. Rippa and Heidi are the best!

Posted by Lisa Carrington on  Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dr. Rippa is awesome. I've been thru several chiros but he is the best one. I even got my husband to go which he never...

Posted by Lynne Redfern Godbout on  Thursday, January 28, 2016

I have used Dr Rippa for years now, Im in the flooring business so needless to say a good chiropractor is key. Great staff also , So call magic fingers (Dr Rippa)and see for yourself.

Posted by Ken Bonney on  Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

"I have known Dr. Rippa for quite some time now and I am very impressed with his compassion and his ability to help. We first met when I was suffering from a really bad case of sciatica, so bad in fact that a trip to the emergency room and two shots of morphine didn't even touch it. By working with him that sciatica is completely gone now and I am no longer in great pain. I continue to see him on a maintenance basis and find that is a great help for me. I would highly recommend that you see him for the relief of this type of symptom or any other back pain. My wife has been seeing him for neck pain and it has really helped her also."

BW- Belchertown, Massachusetts

Dr. Rippa has been one of the few doctors (chiropractic or medical) who have been able to give me relief from chronic neck pain. The fact that he is able to do so without medicines or prescriptions is all the more impressive. His knowledge of the human anatomy and ability to diagnose problems in the muscle-skeletal systems has earned my trust as the doctor that I go to first whenever I have a problem in these areas. It is evident to me that he stays up on the latest research and methods for treating people with chiropractic care. It is my belief that my whole bodily function is improved through his ongoing care and maintenance of the spinal system.

RB- Granby, Massachusetts

I have had to use Dr. Rippa’s services twice in the past three years. I have had excellent results under his care and both times he has able to alleviate my pain. His knowledge of chiropractic medicine is unsurpassed. I would recommend Dr. Rippa to all of my family and friends.

TM- Holyoke, Massachusetts

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was a teen and wore a brace for many years. Because of this condition, I assumed that I would suffer with lower back pain forever. I was skeptical of chiropractic care until I saw Dr. Rippa for a sciatic nerve problem that would not go away. He made adjustments to my lower back that not only helped the sciatica, but laso my lower back pain. His explanations and guidance were clear and thoughtful. He gave me some exercises to practice at home which I do whenever my back starts acting up. Dr. Rippa is extremely kind and caring. I plan to see him for periodic adjustments.

PP- South Hadley, Massachusetts

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